Detoxifying Tourmaline Quartz Earrings. I am Working on some new earring designs!
I love wearing larger size earrings my self and thrilled how the natural material brings in the color!

These are Tourmaline Quartz and sterling silver!

Detoxifying tourmaline quartz, soft pink earrings in modern design

Tourmaline Quartz earrings with sterling silver Bold sharp design

“Tourmaline Quartz detoxifies the entire body and is used to treat disorders of the digestive tract. An effective grounding stone, that’s strengthens the body’s energy field against external invasion. In addition it can strengthen the nervous system, as well as the blood and the lymph. The stone can also offer great relief from migraines and headaches. It can enhance your stamina and physical vitality. It can also help with healing skin disorders. Tourmaline can also work great with your weight loss efforts and with the reduction of cellulite.” – credit to Stones of healing

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