Jewelry sizing charts

Jewelry sizing charts to help you figure out sizes needed for your custom jewelry order!

Find your bracelet size:
Bracelet sizing tips to get the right size for your jewelry order

We recommend that you also try and measure bracelet you already have.

Find your size for Bangle bracelet:
bangle size measurement for silding over hand

If your bracelet needs to fit over your hand use a soft measuring tape. Measure the widest part of your hand.

Find out your length on necklace:
Jewelry sizing charts man & woman necklace sizing

Length of your necklace. Petite size clothing usually means 16 inch fits best. Medium size is 18 inch

Find out your finger size:

Except for visiting a jeweler near you to have your finger sized these two things below can help you accurately find out what size your need for a ring:

estimate ring size by measureing exsisting ring

To find the size of an existing ring. Use a ruler to measure the widest spot inside the ring!

Ring sizer to order for accurate finger size of custom made rings

Order Ring sizer in platic to ensure accurate finger size. $5 plus shipping.

This charge will credit you when ordering a Formia®Design custom ring!!


Jewelry sizing charts man & woman necklace sizing

Measuring Your Finger
with a Tape Measure:

You can also use a flexible metric tape measure instead of the ring sizer set.

Wrap the tape measure around the base of your finger, and make sure you can slide it on and off easily over your knuckle.

Write down the measurement in millimeters.

Then, using the “circumference” column of the ring size chart above, locate the mm measurement you found on the tape measure and follow it across to see your ring size.

When making jewelry, a ring sizing mandrel helps you create rings with a perfect fit.