Money Clip


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Unique money clip with your own children’s drawings

  • Total size of clip is 2 inches long, 1 inch wide
  • Solid sterling silver
  • artwork approx. 1″ x 1.5″
  • tension clip to hold paper bills
  • soft brushed finish

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A unique Money clip, personalized gift for Dad, artwork on each money clip is hand cut and engraved to capture every detail. The ability to combine more than one artists drawing on same money clip just ask us about the possibilities!

Immortalize it further with your child’s handwriting on the back.

We think daddies will be happy keeping their money in a treasure like this!

This is a great way to appreciate your child’s artwork and show it off. The money clip came out great and my husband loved it. I also had it engraved on the other side. This is my second product from this company. My first was a pendant from my daughter, which I love and wear on a chain all the time. I get so many compliments on it. It’s so unique. I’ve never seen anything like this anywhere else. She did a butterfly and words and they put it together. Every line from all the colors she did was engraved on it. They really pay attention to all the details. It came out perfect. I would definitely recommend this company and I plan on buying more products from them in the future. They shipped my item very fast. Thank you.