Moss Aquamarine bracelet


  • Genuine Moss aquamarine stones
  • Bronze toggle clasp
  • approx. 8,5″ long
  • faceted nugget stones, varies 10mm-15mm long
Out of stock

Out of stock



Moss Aquamarine Bracelet with bronze toggle clasp. Beads have irregular shapes in faceted nuggets.

Moss aquamarine bracelet beads is approx. 10-15mm long. Find more bracelets here

Moss Aquamarine is a variety of Beryl, the internal characteristics is formed by iron trace elements. As a result giving the stone a moss-like appearance. The beads are most recognizably a greenish blue hue, subsequently showing mossy features within a transparent gem body.

Moss Aquamarine meaning and properties . The courage stone is what this stone is aptly called. It is linked to the verbal expression of ideas and emotions. Associated with the Throat Chakra, the gemstone enhances spiritual communication with the inner-self as well as with spirits

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