Spooky style necklace


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from your kiddos creepiest drawings
  • Black oxidized sterling silver
  • Cut out drawing layered with background shaped after design
  • approx. 1.5 inch (widest part)
  • Including omega neck wire (black oxidized sterling silver)

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Spooky style necklace WATCH VIDEO

Sterling silver layered in two for the shadow and depth effect of the pendant. To have the chain pass through the pendant instead of hanging in a bail makes this even more special.

Black oxidation is created by soaking the silver in warm Liver of Sulfur

Information about placing an order:

  • Expect approximately 1-2 weeks for your order to be created before shipping
  • We transform any kind of media (crayon, pencil, paint or marker)
  • Please let us know any details about your photo in your comments

We will personally discuss any details of your order in emails or by phone.


Instagram sharing of custom made jewelry

WOMENS STYLE jewelry design by your kids

This exquisite twist on a silver necklace I am guaranteeing you a fun and elegant use of your children’s creative drawings.


Wow! It’s exactly like my tree and exactly like I envisioned! It’s better than I hoped! Your work brought an heirloom to life that will be cherished and passed down thru the generations! I can’t think you enough! I’ll post this review after the wedding as I wouldn’t want her to see it!

Again your work is magnificent! — Kim

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