Titanium Keychain

Create your own – Need price quote

  • Price range is $99-$169 depending on complexity
  • approximately 2″x 2″ in size
  • High quality titanium – durable and light weight
  • Optional engraving on the back to be added see more HERE


Titanium keychain:

  • Orders take 7-14 days to leave our studio (rush is possible)
  • Any type or size of image works (scanned or photographed)
  • Approx 2 inch size; lightweight, durable titanium, made to last.
  • We will determine “solid” or “cut-out” design based on artwork

Titanium keychain have a price range based on the drawing you want to use. Simple drawings will be at the lower end of the price range, and more complex designs will be higher. This is because titanium is a very hard metal and all our pieces are cut out by hand.


Feature in Geeks are sexy- tech, science and social news:

Goldsmith-designer Mia Van Beek makes custom jewelry at her company Formia Design. She also has done something clever: What if you could take your child’s artwork with you everywhere?? Well, Formia Design has a process that allows you to email your child’s artwork to them, and they will convert it into a keychain or a pendant!

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