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I am so glad I used these fine ladies for my engagement ring. I cannot say enough good things about the entire experience. Being a young, sloppy bachelor type, I had no idea what I was looking for. Therefore I was very afraid of being taken advantage of. I do computers and cars, not jewelry. My lady IS very special to me, and a little off the beaten path. So I really did not want to get her something that looks like it came from the mall (either of them, lol). Eventually I decided on Formia Design, based on a referral from one of my customers. I spoke with Mia and Joan for a few minutes on several occasions of the idea I had conjured up in my head. And they were able to hone in on an absolutely perfect design. After each sketch, I kept adding in little extra designs, stones, etched into what was ultimately a beautiful rose gold band. I’m sure I drove her nuts, but Mia stuck with it and produced an absolutely AMAZING ring. I held onto it for an extra two months, from the intended proposal date. Just so I could show people and brag about it. You’ll see that this is one-of-a-kind art, whether it is your style or not. The price was very fair I learned, after showing some of my friends who are more educated in the matter. Anyway, I highly recommend Formia Design for any of your jewelry needs. Whether it’s repairs, custom designs from your child’s drawings, rings, gold, silver, diamonds, etc. You will be pleased. Don’t lessen your choices or the quality by rushing in and out of a retail store. But go here for the full-service intimate experience. Thanks again! -Christian

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