Creative & confident craftsmanship

Creative & confident craftsmanship in designing our engagement ring

Below is a testimonial of how much we enjoyed going about the process with you:

From start to finish, Mia offered a comforting energy that eased any anxiety about crafting an engagement ring. Throughout the process, she provided tangible options to view and consider, she remained open to any changes in ideas, and she always allowed us to take our time when deciding. Through her past work, Mia can facilitate the visualization process for anyone unsure of their preferences, and her creativity and confidence in her craftsmanship open doors of possibility. Above all, Mia listened intently every step of the way, and we both love the ring she created. We know the engagement ring will always carry many memories – including ones about the process of its creation, so thank you Mia!

Hope you had a nice week! Thank you again for all the help with the planning and creation of Nicole’s engagement ring – it has been a source of excitement and awe for both our families! Creative & confident craftsmanship
With each day I’m happier and happier with everything about this ring. It already feels so weird when it comes off that I immediately have to put it back on, everything about it couldn’t have been a more perfect fit. Thank you again, SO much!


Custom design process

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