Resized wedding rings

I am so happy with how my rings came back from Formia! 3 years ago when I was pregnant my hands swelled up terribly and I couldn’t get one of my wedding rings off. My dad had to saw off my band! Both rings had been on so tight that I had a terrible rash on my finger for weeks, even after the rings were off. I researched jewelers in C’Ville and loved that I could email Mia pictures and details about my rings. She replied back quickly and even included a quote. I dropped them off at her studio – easy peasy! I just picked up my rings today, and she fixed the solitaire, soldered the one that was sawed in half, and resized both of them. The resized wedding rings sparkle like they did 8 years ago! Great customer service, great craftsmanship, great lady, great prices.

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