tremendous success

The gift was a tremendous success!

Just wanted to let you know the ornament & keychain made it to my mom. I’ve been reading very troubling things about the USPS lately, but obviously it did not impact your package. Because I have no will power I made my mom open it immediately. But I figure if you are 83 and living through a pandemic and a Christmas present arrives, you should get to open it even if it is August, haha.

Anyway, she LOVED them, and kept marveling at what a good job you did.  She is going to convert the bird keychain into a necklace. Because she doesn’t want it to get banged up being a keychain.  She also confirmed that she would never have worn the Santa as a brooch. So I am pleased the ornament was the right choice!

I just wanted to let you know the gift was a tremendous success and to say a heartfelt, THANK YOU! All the best Jenn





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