Artwork gold studs


Create your own

after your drawing
  • 14 k gold
  • size 1/2 inch (each earring)
  • regular backs included

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Artwork gold studs

Artwork gold studs

Your own art work is the design of these personalized pair of earrings


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Earrings from your kids imagination is the most fantastic piece of jewelry you will ever have.

Counting the fact that there is a endless amounts of drawings in your house. How can you pick just one that is right?

In this post I’ll share lots of ways to display kids artwork. Some are ones we use or have used and others are ideas I’ve admired.  They all fit as many of the above criteria as possible.

Your children come home with mountains of artwork throughout the year — some of it is worth saving and displaying and some of it heads right for the recycling bin (not when they’re looking, of course). But what to do with those extraspecial pieces?

The holidays are a perfect time to share the art class love. Your little one’s masterpieces are more than just two-dimensional pieces of art — they’re just the start of bigger things to come. That self-portrait is an ideal candidate to be turned into a charm for grandma’s necklace. That sketch of your town would make an adorable cover to a notebook. That drawing of the sunset could easily become your family’s holiday card. And it’s easier than you think.


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