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Each piece an accurate replica of the original drawing created in our Charlottesville VA studio. We have no creative limits, we will help you transform each one into something beautiful.

Jewelry Design By Kids – A Mother’s Day feature from the NBC Today Show  HERE

NBC today show included FOrmia Design titanium key chains in their mother's day gift suggestions

Mia is a certified master goldsmith trained in the traditional jewelry making techniques of Europe. Through a labor-intensive process using hand tools, she captures the warmth and detail of the original artwork, while also ensuring the piece is structurally strong — guaranteed to last a lifetime. She uses only solid precious metals and genuine gemstones in her pieces. We are able to hand make a totally custom, high quality piece and mail it from our Virginia-based studio in under two weeks.

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In addition to designing and making custom Jewelry Design By Kids. Mia is also experienced in jewelry repairs, redesigns, and reconstruction of pieces from clients’ heirloom jewels. She also replicates any of her designs you fall in love with on the website. Whether you are looking for a brand new piece or would like to redesign and update your heirloom jewelry. You can rest assured that your experience at Formia Design will be positive. And your custom designed jewelry will be elegant and breathtaking!


“Custom orders from Formia has been so amazing and above and beyond my expectations. I had ordered two silver necklace pendents for myself and my mom and was so happy with the results that I ordered a third. This third one is actually going to be in 14K gold and was so happy to know they do use gold too. Didn’t receive it yet but I have no doubts it will be just as beautiful as the silver”

Customer service:

“If you have any questions regarding their product they are just a email away and respond within hours of sending your questions. Totally happy with the time it took to make an order and have it shipped to me in a timely manner! I’m 100% recommend this product if you are looking for something personal. It may cost you more than the others but it’s well worth it’s weight in gold! No pun intended”