Kids art Gold Charm


Create your own

with your design
  • 14k gold in Polished finish
  • 3/4″ the widest part of drawing/artwork/design
  • Ring/bail  inner diameter 3.1 mm

Need a gold chain or bracelet? Leave us a note when you start your order!

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Kids art gold charm handmade, drawing on gold charm created using your own child’s artwork. A 14k gold charm perfectly transformed from your favorite drawing.

  • Solid 14k gold (all colors – no plating -read more)
  • Expect approximately 1-2 weeks for your  gold charm to be created before shipping
  • We transform any kind of media (crayon, pencil, paint or marker)
  • Please let us know any details about your artwork in your comments
  • Below is a photo showing size difference between 1/2 inch and 1 inch kids art gold charm

Larger 1 inch gold pendant size available HERE

1 inch and half inch size difference in gold charm after your art

Gold charm designed by your child becomes the most treasured charm!

Customer review:

“Mia, Just received the beautiful kids art gold charm for moms bracelet. I am so pleased. I know Renee will be, too. Thank you so much for the beautiful piece, engraving Jovie’s name and getting it here in such a quick turnaround. Thank you!

Your business has opened a whole new world for ideas to me….


Gold charm from childs drawing, keepsakes for life from your kids doodles: Priceless gift for Mom.

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