White Pearl Lariat Necklace


 White pearl lariat necklace – Multi use!

  • 2 strands
  • Wear necklace 4 ways


white pearl lariat necklace:

White pearl necklaces with multiple use, two necklaces that can be worn three different ways. Connect both to get one long necklace or wear them both separate for two kinds of simplicity and fourth way wear them both layered like image


Cultured freshwater pearls are pearls that are farmed and created using freshwater mussels. These pearls are produced in Japan and the United States on a limited scale, but are now almost exclusively produced in China. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission requires that farmed freshwater pearls be referred to as “freshwater cultured pearls” in commerce. Because of it’s luster the white pearls look amazing! Fantastic look of style! Therefore a lady will be loved at first sight  Fake pearls can be made to look like more expensive pearls, but they are made up of glass, ceramic, shell or plastic.


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